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  Diabetes >> Exercise During Diabetes

Exercise During Diabetes

Exercise promotes muscular activity and burns sugar. Therefore, you may need a reduction in the dose of table or insulin. Exercise during diabetes also promotes good circulation and maintains weight.

Regular exercise, the ½ hr – 1 hr of brisk walking improves the effect of insulin.

All diabetes patients need to exercise, but the type and the amount will vary for each individual. Most individuals would benefit from long walks (1.2-1.8 mi./day), gardening, walking to office or shopping complex, cycling short distances, or playing golf.

If you are taking insulin you will find that increasing your level of regular exercise may cause a significant fall in your blood glucose, sometimes producing hypoglycemia. You may therefore need to balance your food and insulin dose. If your type of exercise lasts longer e.g. badminton/tennis playing, you need to take sugar or fruit juice at regular intervals. Discuss this with your dietician or diabetes nurse educator.

If you are on tablets, you can perform extra exercise without worry of experiencing hypoglycemia.

If you are overweight and your diabetes is controlled alone, low blood glucose would not occur with an increase in amount of exercise.

The diagnosis of ‘Diabetes’ need not scare you to give up the sports you like. Many people with diabetes have excelled in highly competitive sports.

by Prag the dog Date Added: Wed 10 September, 2008
Wonderful site..lots of information, thanks for sharing...keep it up.

by zaheer shaik Date Added: Sat 19 July, 2008
I like the site very informative and helpful. It will be more helpful if any one answer to my question.

I am taking medicine for food poison and constipation since one week. yesterday i check my glucose with one touch after half an hour or one hour of my dinner. i found my glucose level is 335g, i have no symptoms of urination, thirsty, hungry or eye etc.
Please advice on my mail [email protected]

by shankar Date Added: Tue 08 July, 2008
very useful and helpful for people having diabetes. It is very informative and thanks a lot for giving this valuable article

by Paresh Date Added: Tue 24 June, 2008
Very informative site. The language is lucid and can be understood generally by all. My heartfelt thanks for creating this site. Please keep updating with latest information and innovations about diabetes. Good luck to your team.

by m k bhatia Date Added: Sat 21 June, 2008
thank u for the information given in the web site it is very much useful and helping to fight with diabetes.

by k.s.ajit kumar Date Added: Tue 10 June, 2008
the information was very useful and educative.hope all the patients do read and follow these instructions.thanks a lot.


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