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  Diabetes >> Diabetes and Foot

Diabetes and Foot

Foot care is very important when you have diabetes for 10 years or longer. Because of thickening of the walls of the blood vessels your feet would receive less blood. Also because of the changes in the nerves, your feet will have less sensation. You may therefore not have any sensation, when your feet are close to a fire place, hot water bottle is too hot, an injury sustained and if your feet are infected. In diabetes, you need to take very good care of your feet. Ask your doctor to examine your feet regularly or see a podiatrist for regular check ups.

The general guidelines for foot care are

  • Clean your feet daily with a mild soap and warm water, then dry them thoroughly with a soft cotton towel. Take special care for cleaning in between the toes.
  • Wear properly fitting shoes with clean socks. Do not go bare foot outside the house.
  • Examine your feet properly once a week. Use a hand mirror to examine the undersurface and sides.
  • Get your toe nails clipped regularly. If it hurts see a podiatrist.
  • Do not treat the in-growing toe nails yourself nor ask your friends to do so. Take an advice from your doctor and seek treatment from a podiatrist.
  • Do not sit close to heaters or a fire place. If your feet feel cold, wear warm socks or stockings. Do not use a hot water bottle.
  • Clean small cuts and sores with small mild antiseptic (Listerine/Dettol). Apply antiseptic creams and sterile dressings.
  • Consult your doctor or podiatrist immediately about any throbbing pain or discharge from a corn, underneath or sides of a toe nail.

by Melvin Joseph Date Added: Sat 13 September, 2008
My father is also in a similar condition. At one hospital we were told that father will loose his toes and may be part of the leg. On advice from our family doctor we took him to another hospital where they did a wonderful job. Doctors and Nurses were extremely good. They did a small surgery to remove the puss. Now he is having a wound that need to be healed as soon as possible. Sugar level is now under control. Please send me some advice on this. My mail ID is : [email protected]

by vimal prasad Date Added: Fri 18 July, 2008
My father name is narotham dutt.he have diabetes since
12 years now on his right leg one wound has taken place
where there was a puss but by doing small operation they
have taken out that puss but now some gangrine (white)
colour is foming doctor's are using debridace ointment on the wound and dressing up.please repiy me how to cure the leg my mail id is [email protected]

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