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Diabetes Medications

When diet, exercise and ideal body weight aren’t enough to maintain normal blood sugar level, you may need to start medication. Medications used to treat diabetes include insulin too. Usually, people with Type 1 diabetes don't use oral medications. Diabetes Medications work best in people with Type 2 diabetes who are having high blood sugar for less than ten years with normal weight or obesity. Some people who begin treatment with oral medications eventually need to take insulin. Unfortunately, insulin cannot be taken in pills form because enzymes in your stomach alter it, which makes it ineffective. Hence, insulin is taken with insulin syringe or insulin pump.

Insulin and oral diabetes medications deliberately work to lower your blood sugar. In certain cases medications taken for other conditions may affect glucose levels. Blood sugar levels may rise due to corticosteroids. Thiazides medications are used to control high blood pressure and niacin is used to lower high cholesterol. Your doctor has to change your diabetes treatment, if you need to take certain high blood pressure medications.

Number of drug options exists in market for treating type 2 diabetes, including:

Alpha glucosidase Inhibitors

by RAVI PRKASH SRIVASTAVA Date Added: Sun 20 January, 2008
I am a 53 old male asthamatic since last 32 years , fully stabilised with inhalers only.iam a non smoker, non alcoholic, pure vegetarian .I do yoga every day for 40 min. and and walk 20 min. every day. THogh had fluctuation in blood sugar , never taken medication for diabetes. My mbg is 160 and AIC IS 7.4%, Dr. has suggested to take METFORMIN, and diet control current BMI is 25.

Will i have o take the drug for rest of my life or blood sugar levels can be controoled by diet and yoga alone?.

I shall be thankful if any Dr. could respond to me.

My i.d is [email protected]

by Anna Mary Date Added: Thu 11 October, 2007
First of all I thank you for all the good information about diabetes medication. I want to know more about type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I know you said Oral medication is not used by type 1 diabetes patients, while it is common for type 2 diabetes patients to use diabetes medications. Could you please explain us in detail about what is type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Thanks for you support.

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