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Diabetes Control

Whether your treatment consists of diet alone, diet and tablets or diet and insulin, you need regular blood tests to keep a check on your blood sugar. Urine sugar test is not a reliable indicator of diabetes control.

When blood glucose remains higher than 200mg/dl for 8-10 weeks, the concentration of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) arises. A (HbA1c) measurement therefore reflects the blood glucose control over a preceding 2-3 months period, while the estimates of blood glucose indicate the glucose value at the time of blood test. HbA1c values between 6-7% indicate very good control on diabetes. You should aim at keeping your blood glucose in the normal range i.e. between 90-130 mg/dl while fasting and less than 180 mg/dl after meals and HbA1c around 7%. Frequent tests for blood glucose are necessary when starting treatment with insulin.

If you are doing capillary blood glucose test using a hand held glucometer, do not squeeze the finger to bring out a sample after you have picked. This invariably gives a low glucose value. Ask your diabetes nurse for a demonstration of capillary blood glucose test.

Urine test for sugar is not reliable indicator of diabetes control. Although spillage of sugar in urine occurs when the blood glucose exceeds 180 mg/dl in the majority of healthy persons, this is not always so in a patient with diabetes. Most patients with diabetes of many years acquire an increase in the renal threshold for glucose (capacity to prevent spillage of glucose into urine). Hence urine test for glucose is not helpful for assessing control of diabetes. In the presence of urinary infections, the bacteria eats up the sugar present in urine, thereby making urine test for sugar unreliable.

by R Singh Date Added: Thu 09 October, 2008
I am diabetic since last 5 years. My blood suger remains between 200-250 all the time. I chew tabacco and drink whiskey regularly. Please let me know whether tabacco adn whisky add to the problem, I also take diabetes medice and use insuline at times. Thanks
[email protected]

by m dasgupta Date Added: Sat 20 September, 2008
I am 56 years old, my fasting blood glucose is 248 mg/dl detected two days back. I have started losing weight for last seven/eight months. My blood glucose was normal three years back when I last tested. I am astonished as I am regularly doing physical exercise,Yoga and pranayama and leading a disciplined life. Kindly advice whether exercise with controlled food can reduce blood glucose once goes high. I have started taking medicine but do not like to continue for long time.

[email protected]

by KUMAR Date Added: Thu 07 August, 2008
kind tell me whether diabetes can be controlled through yoga and exercise without any medication. My blood sugar is 298mg/dl. and i am 90 kg(198 Lb). My doctor advised me that if you reduce your weight my diabetes will be in control. Last week only i came to know that i have diabetic. kindly help me

my mail id is [email protected]

by raghav Date Added: Mon 16 June, 2008
could you please tell that can diabetes be controlled without medicine?
please reply as soon as possible at [email protected]

by Jagadeesh,knl Date Added: Fri 01 February, 2008
Great Thanks for providing the information for diabetes. this information helped me a lot.


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