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  Diabetes >> Can Diabetes Be Cured

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

Diabetes is an insidious disease. In fact, moderately high levels of blood glucose (180-200 mg/dl) produce no symptom and may go unnoticed for many months or even years. Most patients with Type 1 diabetes pass large volumes of urine, experience an increase in the frequency of urination, undue thirst and hunger, and rapid weight loss. These symptoms provide clues to the diagnosis of diabetes.

Men and women with Type-2 diabetes may not have the above symptoms. Some of them may experience an increase in the frequency of urination and abnormal thirst. They may however feel tired, irritable, lack concentration at work, proneness to infection, delay in wound healing, intense itching and need for frequent change of eye glasses.

At the age of 45yrs or later, if you foresee the risk of developing diabetes, get your fasting blood glucose test, 2-hrs after a drink of 3.527 oz of glucose, at least once a year. Blood glucose values of 200mg/dl and higher would suggest the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

Can diabetes be cured?

Diabetes cannot be cured completely, but can be effectively controlled. People with diabetes can lead a healthy life if, their blood glucose level is under control. The decrease in life span of a diabetic is restored to normal by maintaining good blood glucose control (90-130 mg/dl at fasting and with less than 180 mg/dl 2hrs after meals).

Sometimes, patients may not need any tablet/insulin or, even diet control to keep their blood glucose in control. This period is called honeymoon phase (in Type-1 diabetes). The duration may vary from a few days to over six months. Some patients mistake this for cure of diabetes.

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 70-75% deaths in diabetic people with acute myocardial infarction being responsible for 30% mishaps. Diabetes typically doubles heart attack risk in men and triples in women. Diabetes causes more extensive coronary atherosclerosis with triple vessel involvement. Long-duration diabetes and diabetes in elderly people is more likely to cause silent heart attack (painless MI) with increased chances of death.

What is the link between diabetes and CVD?

It had been observed that diabetes changes the chemical composition of some substances found in the blood and leads to blood vessels narrowing or sometimes clogging up completely. This is nothing but atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and diabetes increases the pace of it. Heart disease occurs twice frequently in those suffering with diabetes than in people without diabetes. Cardiovascular complications occur early in diabetics, and often result in premature death.

What is needed to “break the link” between diabetes and CVD?

Preventive management includes life style modification (quit smoking, regular exercise, and limitation of fat and energy intake) to control blood sugar, lipids and hypertension.

Target ranges are:


A1C<7 percent

Check twice a year


Blood pleasure < 130/80 mmHg

Check twice a year


Cholesterol-LDL < 100mg/dl

Check twice a year

Diabetics learn and practice the skills necessary to control their blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and it is very essential to receive customary checkups from their physicians. Smokers should give up smoking and overweight diabetics should follow a practice of moderate exercise regimen.

by madhialagan Date Added: Tue 09 September, 2008
I want to know whether there is any good treatment for prediabetes in ayurvedic medicine and if so reliable medicine [email protected]

by shama Date Added: Thu 28 August, 2008
I am a diabetic since last 8 years, now I am 23 years old. My problem is I am unable to control my diabetes. I am insulin dependent so I have to take it twice daily. Sometimes my sugar level increases. I get irritation to take insulin daily so sometimes quit it. This causes my sugar level high. I m very weak an get tired very soon, is that because of diabetes? since one year I am suffering from leg pain I consulted neurologist he said that my veins r shrinking due to diabetes an he advised me to do exercise regularly, but I feel very tired within 10 min. Please suggest me as how to overcome this problem. i also feel bad as this is for lifetime. plz mail me on [email protected]
I\'ll be thankful to u

by neeraj Date Added: Tue 19 August, 2008
We dont have any children. my wife and me have hypothyoride. Recently she diagnosed tuberculosis in uterus and doctor said the reson of not coceiving is the tuberculosis. she is on medicene. Mean while after consulting the lady doctor my wife dicided to undergo a rhinoplasty. when we consulted the plastic surgeon he advised test for sugar and amazingly her blood sugar level was diagnosed at 400 mg /li. Three months back at the time of leproscopy surgery it was at 72 mg /li. Is it the side effect of medicene for TB - AKT-3

by Wheatgrass Therapist. Date Added: Fri 15 August, 2008
People get scared when they hear the word - Diabetes. Don\'t be. Its not the end of the world. Diabetes CAN be cured with natural treatment without Medicines. One could get his/her blood sugar level down to Normal in about 2-months time.

by karthik Date Added: Thu 10 July, 2008
My mother is 55 years old and she is diabetic.Recently she started loosing her teeth slowly.Is this related to Diabetes?.please also let me know how it can be controlled.If you have any idea please share with me.
my MailID is [email protected]

by Neeru Date Added: Tue 01 July, 2008
My husband is deabetic, he takes his medicin regularly. He also take karela juice very day. His suger level is also under control, but he takes 3-4 drinks every day and smokes also. He takes his dinner very late. How can we control his drinking and smoking habit and how bad are they for his health.


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