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by santosh kumar tumma Date Added: Tue 27 October, 2009
HI,I'am an engineering student.Your website is very good.your articles had a great content about diabetes.I had learned a lot about diabetes from your article.

by Tony Date Added: Thu 15 October, 2009
Hi, would like to understand (confirmation) if, there is firm documented trial/research that clearly demonstrates a proven link between stress (PTSD) and the onset of diabetes type 2? Have read several articles on this issue, but unable to establish - confirm a positive link between the two. This questions is asked, as I was/am suffering from deep depression (later diagnosed with PTSD), and after twelve to 18 months I was informed by the Doctor while checking my blood tests for possible prostrate cancer, that I has a heighten blood sugar level, starting with 9 and progressing to 24 after the intolerance test. This was in May 2006; by Aug 06 I was told I also had Prostrate Cancer. Now having had the prostrate removed, I am trying to deal with the diabetes on a daily basis like so many other. Thus my questions in trying to establish if there is proven link. Any advice, guidance to relevant factual information would be truly appreciated.


by Guy from Milwaukee Date Added: Tue 15 September, 2009
I am diabetic. I am dealing with diabetes from last 4 years. I try to get as much knowledge about this disease as possible. I am frequent visitor of American Diabetes Association's website, National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, WebMD, Diabetes - MedlinePlus and Diabetes Journal. This is the first time I have visited your website and I liked it. It is a very good website. You have explained the fundamentals of diabetes in very simple terms. This industry did not had any good website with an blogger prospective. With all the big giant websites out there, I congratulate you for making a website that satisfy the basic needs of a segment of people which some of these websites were neglecting.

I think you should also participate in promoting different Diabetes Walks which are help all over US. Diabetes walks play an important role in helping people generate donations for people with diabetes. You should also do some product reviews and let us know what diabetes products are doing good. I know diabetes product review is a little tough, because you need to use all of this.

Anyway thanks for the nice website.

Milwaukee, WI

by by yogesh Date Added: Fri 11 September, 2009
i m 19 & i have diabetes last 2 years . it is not inheridity my grand pa use to have this diseases but he expired before my birth & i used to be very healthy so even didnt thought in dreams that i can have this in such ayounger age i m controlling this diseases by taking mixtard 50 insulin so can their be any natural complete for this . is any body listening to me

by Synthia Cruz Date Added: Fri 04 September, 2009
I am 17 years old and I might have diabetes. My mother had it and her mom has it and her father has it. My dad's dad also has it as well. The wellness center said there is a good chance that I could have diabetes. I was wondering what i could do to help my chances of not getting diabetes. If anyone has answers can you please e-mail me at syndy_cruz@yahoo.com. Please I just want some help!

by Somto Date Added: Tue 01 September, 2009
Am from Nigeria and am 20yrs. This website and its article are very good and educative. I have learnt enough from this site especially about the causes of Diabetes and the knowledge has taken me away from my dogmatic believe about diabetes. Kudos.

by Newman - Los Angeles CA Date Added: Mon 31 August, 2009

I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am a teacher. I love you website. You have very good articles on Diabetes. I have learned a lot about Diabetes on this website. Very good Job. Diabetes Information Hub rocks!!

by Danielle Date Added: Tue 25 August, 2009
I wanted to know more about diabetes and this definitely helped me understand it better. Who ever created this, its wonderful,

by suman Date Added: Tue 25 August, 2009

I am 27yrs old female & i am diagnosed for hopothyrodism. i am taking medicine 'Electroxin' before breakfast and 'Emvit' after breakfast. Am I at risk of having type 1 diabetes.. Plz respond on suman_dkk@yahoo.co.in

by anonymous Date Added: Sat 22 August, 2009
i thank all who created this website..... it s very useful to know all the things about diabetes. ........... it can be improved by providing info about recent diagnostic techniques , advancement in medicine , improved drugs , nd so on.. hope it ll be improved....... bye....

by Terengatasi.KTebs Date Added: Thu 13 August, 2009
I give thanks to those who helped to provide this website that its coming out quite possible.
Keep up the good work and thanks again because my grandmother is now well from this sickness.

thanks to you all.

by Sushant Date Added: Sat 30 May, 2009
am diabetic from last 2 years.My blood sugar is normal as 110 to 190 %
your are requested to please give me solution of diabetic problem

by Sanjay Patel Date Added: Thu 14 May, 2009

I was having problem with frequent urination, but i used to go to doctor and get it cured, It used to be cured but then again after months problem originates.

But the problem had increased in last two months, so i consulted the homeopathy doctor for the same and he advised me for the blood test.

After test, i found i have diabetes 153 at fasting and 223 after food.

I am 26 years old and unmarried.i have some queries, your help will be like blessings for me.

1) Can diabetes be cured, if not, if controlled can i lead to normal life and eat sweets and sugar related food ?
2) I am suffering from frequent urination, will it be reduced ?
3) Will it affect my marriage life, after i get married ?
4) Will my wife able to conceive, if yes whether she will also become diabetic after conceiving ?
5) Will my child also have diabetes, if yes at what stage, right from birth or later stage ? and
6) Does homeopathy pills are harmful for diabetic person ?

Many thanks in advance

by Shah Jignesh G. Date Added: Thu 14 May, 2009
I have just gone through your website and it has good information about diabetes. I need your suggestion regarding the same disease. My mother (Age-56 yrs) suffers from fatigue since more than two weeks. And we have last month report of hemoglobin & total WBC value which are under limit. But latest blood sugar report was not available. So yesterday, she gave blood sugar report for pp. and in report, it was found that blood sugar value is 156 for PP which is more than limiting 140 range prescribed in lab report. Here I have not mentioned any unit because I donít know right now.

Today I suggested her for blood sugar test for fasting as well as urine routine & microscopic test for better idea about diabetes. Today I shall get those reports. So picture will be more clear in front of me. And sir, doctors available in my area have more concentration on money rather than patient care. So please suggest me what to do if both the report will come positive. Value 156 is not too more than 140 limiting value. So can we make it under 140 value? How?

Please suggest any medicine at this stage for controlling it.

I am waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

by UDAY kIRAN Date Added: Thu 14 May, 2009
My grand mother is recently effected by Diabetes... her sugar percentage is 322..
I want to know at what stage it is? and what are the precautions to take for reducing that???

These are the details of my Grand mother::
1) age = 60 and weight = more that 55
2) she is having BP
3) no one has effected previously by Diabetes in our generation.

By looking at the details that i have given could u pls inform me how to reduce her sugar percentage..and wat are the diets to take.

Thanks & Regards


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