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by kalpesh mishra Date Added: Thu 16 September, 2010
i want to how a man suffer from diabetes and how can we control it.

by Jagadeesh Date Added: Thu 09 September, 2010
I Like the content verry much and i learn more about diabetes thanks for giving a wonderful information.

by priya jain Date Added: Wed 18 August, 2010
I like the content a lot & thanks for giving me the information.

by Sharon Freeman Date Added: Mon 16 August, 2010
Why is it that sometimes after people have a surgery they end up with diabetes?

by R K Shukla Date Added: Sat 14 August, 2010
Symptoms of diabetes are not mentioned evidently.Types should also be clearly explained.

by Preeti Poddar Date Added: Fri 06 August, 2010
why some times small or young once also get diabetes

by Mohammad Date Added: Sun 01 August, 2010
Dear Sir

My friend is 25 years old. Last week the medical reports revealed that he is a diabetic patient. His sugar level is 266 on fasting and 433 normal. My questions are:

1. What could be the possible reason for diabetic since he is very young.
2. He is under stress since 6 weeks. Is it a possible reason?
3. What is ur suggestin for control?
4. Any natural medicine available?

Thanks and Best Regards

S Mohammad

My EMail: sms0583@gmail.com

Kindly reply immediately.

by apoorv wairagade Date Added: Sat 10 July, 2010
am doin a project on diabetes for my school assignment
the info is really good and useful

by S Rengasamy Date Added: Mon 28 June, 2010
I am suffering from diabetes. Also I am interested to know if diabetes is a diet induced disease. If so can somebody give scientific evidences for that in the form of published Research articles?

by Shumyla Date Added: Thu 24 June, 2010
All causing factors for diabetes are not mentioned


by shila Date Added: Tue 25 May, 2010
hiiiii i jus wanted 2 is diabtes is damn sure heriditery,mean if mother is diabtic sure d childrenw,l get it .if yes ny precautions for dat???plzzz ans............

by ananya, kolkata Date Added: Sun 23 May, 2010
I am doing my biology project on diabetes. these infos will be helpful. thnx.

by Roy Barram Date Added: Tue 27 April, 2010
I have been diagnosed with diabetes as a result of prolonged elevated blood sugar ( over 9) due to medication I am on Methtrexate and Cortisone which I am taking for rheumatid arthritis. I have now develooped non healing ulcers on my legs and my G. P has started me on an oral medication for diabetes. My concern is should I take this for a elevated blood sugar due to medication I am taking as my GP said I would have to take it as an ongoing thing. If I do take it would I be able to stop if I eventually had no need for Methtrexate and Cortisone. My GP was not forthcomng with this answer and I am hesitant to start this regime.
Thank you.

by dr vaneeta chandel Date Added: Sun 18 April, 2010
hi topic about diabetes is good for the public general knowlege

by Airones Giarc Date Added: Fri 16 April, 2010
I think this website is a great way to tell people how to avoid diabetes.


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