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Diabetes Symptoms & How it affects human body

Symptoms are the complaints of disease which are felt by the patient themselves. Diabetes is of two types which exhibit delicate primary symptoms. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have similar symptoms owing to their high blood sugar levels and defective insulin metabolism. If diabetes is treated at the earliest then these symptoms can be annihilated without any complications.

Symptoms in Diabetes type 1: The primary symptoms exhibited in type 1 diabetes are nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are ketoacidosis which leads to breaking down of energy giving muscles and tissues, thus resulting in loss of weight. This leads to severe electrolyte disturbances and dehydration which may have a poor prognosis leading to coma and death.

Symptoms of diabetes type 2: The major symptoms exhibited by a type 2 diabetes patient are polydipsia, polyuria, polyphegia, blurry vision, fatigue, irritability, etc. Polydipsia is a condition of increased thirst resulting from dilution of blood caused by hormonal imbalance. In order to remove the excess blood sugar which is excreted through urine, large amount of water is also excreted along with the excess sugar which is known as polyuria. Excess of insulin is secreted by the body for metabolism of excess blood sugar which results in extreme hunger known as polyphegia. The combination of the effects of polyphegia, polyuria and polydipsia result in severe weight fluctuation. Similar to type 1 diabetes, muscle and fat tissues are broken down for production of energy. This results in improper overall body metabolism and causes fatigue.

Effect of Diabetes on blood and circulatory system: Diabetes patients also exhibit a defective blood metabolism which is a result of excessive blood sugar. This results in severe hormonal imbalance and also leads to defective formation of various blood components. Diabetes also results in poor blood circulation to various parts which may result in blurred vision, aching pain etc.

Diabetes symptoms as autoimmune disorders: Various skin, genito-urinary tract and respiratory complaints occur as a result of autoimmune infections. Defective formation of various blood components like WBC's and platelets result in poor blood composition. This may result in complications like poor wound healing and easy susceptibility to injuries.

Few Complications may arise if not annihilated at the earliest. They may result in blindness, cataract, gangrene, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic foot, etc.

Symptoms of Diabetes
Diabetes Symptoms & How it affects human body

by Noel Date Added: Wed 14 September, 2011
I had few symptom like constant urination and hunger and did sugar test and result shows the it is NORMAL. Can i consider that i don't have diabetes?

by Haridas from Bhopal Date Added: Tue 31 August, 2010
I am feeling continuous burning in the bottom of Right leg since 3 month. May it is initial symptom of diabets. I am also taking medicine for hypo thiorism since 10 year. my age is 46 year.

by ganeshan kumar Date Added: Tue 03 August, 2010
hi friends, i have diabetics & high blood sugar. I am very serious about this condition of mine. please help me with any medical treatment. email id ganesh.jet14@gmail.com

by imran khan Date Added: Wed 02 June, 2010
what will b the minimum age of effecting diabeties

by BP Singh Date Added: Fri 23 April, 2010
hai. I am debtic with fasting 113 and PP 165. I am having dryness plus hands fingur burning sensation. I am gaking glimipriden 1 mg and three tab metform with each meal.

by ramesh s. bhabhor Date Added: Mon 01 March, 2010
I would like to thanks to google for giving detailed information about diabetic effect on body.

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