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by apoorva Date Added: Wed 18 August, 2010
my dad is suffering from it. is it very necessary to go on regular medication?????????

by yashika Date Added: Fri 13 August, 2010
is it possible to live a healthy life wd a diabetic person ( for marriage point of view) or it risky? plz do rply

by kumar Date Added: Thu 12 August, 2010
does it cause too much tired and swelling all over the body

by siddharth choudhary Date Added: Sun 01 August, 2010
I am from Indian, suffering with diabetes from last 10 years taking injections of insulin, can anybody tell me some operation or something else for this disease, especially from the person living out of India or by some specialist because according to me there is nothing here from which it can be cure permanently.................................................-

by deepika padukone Date Added: Fri 23 July, 2010
does diabities cause constipation?plzz do tell me

by nizamuddin Date Added: Thu 22 July, 2010
Thank u so much for providing lot of information on diabetics ..,it was really helpful for me

by kavita s. Date Added: Tue 13 July, 2010
Namaskar, the information on this site is very useful for the diabetic persons. Can you please share some pictures related to diabetes for me,thanks.

by nambiar s Date Added: Sat 03 July, 2010
kid 7 years old having frequent infection in skin,recurring rashes in lower parts

by Sumit Mehta Date Added: Mon 21 June, 2010
good to know so much about the disease, that also in depth

by mr Date Added: Thu 17 June, 2010
i have a question i have been feeling real tired lately and also my feet have been aching more than everi also have noiced fungas in my foot and i am worried i also have gained over 30punds and crave a lots of sugar food. is this smpthoms of diabetes.

by Georgia Date Added: Sat 12 June, 2010
Could prior use of metabolic supplements have caused disturbance with the pancreas and it's production of insulin, in turn causing an onset of stage 2 diabetes?

by ashok Date Added: Sat 12 June, 2010
Hi Does Diabetes cause foul odour from the mouth?
Also Does it cause Urination and thirsty feeling at night in the sleep.?

by khan Date Added: Mon 07 June, 2010
The information provided is sufficient and thanks to Google for giving such valuable information about Diabetes.

by maimoona,purnia Date Added: Fri 04 June, 2010
is there any home made remedy to overcome diabetes?by the way thanx 4 d useful info u provided.

by Sudip Bhattacharya Date Added: Mon 24 May, 2010
Thanks for providing the details but would be better if we come to know more about latest treatment and results........


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