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by Dr faheim Date Added: Sun 10 October, 2010
Being a doc.I advice, u must take insulin inj.to control ur sugar,inj.is pescribed when ur sugar level is very high.during intercourse u checked ur sugar level after every four days.If it is in a normal range it is very good otherwise when ur wife get pregnant ,it is very dangerous ur child may become diabetic,it is called as neonantal birth defect.or u can take medical tests of ur wife during pegnancy time to checked neonantal diabetes1&2.thanks

by royalnir Date Added: Wed 06 October, 2010
I am 23 year old...seeing the symptoms it seems that I have diabetis...what should be urgent steps? can 23 year person attacked by diabetis??

by saeqa Date Added: Sun 03 October, 2010
my blood sugar is 152,,, in p/p bt fasting is normal,,,,,,, is it d sign of severe diabetes,,,,, plz do reply

by Amelli Elizabeth Date Added: Thu 23 September, 2010

I think headache are really worse when your sugar goes too high and puts excess pressure on your brain cells causing expansion of them and that is what causes the migraines. Some cases of headache are common with low blood pressure coz its trying to get itself back to “normal” and grabbing whatever it can.

Hope this help.
A Elizabeth, Texas

by ABHI Date Added: Tue 21 September, 2010
is regular headache a symptom of diabetes? plz plz plz do reply

by Andy Date Added: Tue 21 September, 2010
My dad is a diabetic patient and he gets headache very often. Is it a bad sign???? Does he needs rest???? plz plz plz plz reply

by riyon Date Added: Fri 17 September, 2010
thankyou very much for the info, doing a very useful job.

by ram Date Added: Thu 09 September, 2010
i checked my sugar levels today and found dem to be 95..i know 80-100 is normal level but do u think i have a risk of getting diabetis in future :( :(

by Sujata Raj Date Added: Wed 08 September, 2010
I am 30 yr old and i am diabetic .from 6 month i am suffering with blood sugar .i don't have child .my parent have blood sugar .i am very much worried abt myself . doctor told me to take insulin while conciving the baby .i am taking insuline from 2 month but did'nt concive baby.so what should i do for my futher life.

by BARUN SINGHAL Date Added: Tue 07 September, 2010

by surinder Date Added: Wed 01 September, 2010
i m surinder patient of sugar tell me how to control fluctuating sugar when i take medicine i m ok when i stop taking medicine sugar developed

by jabran Date Added: Wed 01 September, 2010
is diabetes caused by stress not curable???

by Bhawna Date Added: Mon 30 August, 2010
Yes deepika its true sometimes diabties causes constipation..

by karthi Date Added: Fri 27 August, 2010
thanz for the information it was very useful..............

by neha Date Added: Thu 26 August, 2010
really this information is very much useful for every person , but i have a question?????
how can we find the end of these disease bcoz i have seen diabitic patients taking care of their health but then they have to continue this procedure till the end of their life. can't we get rid of it finally?????


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