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Prevention of Prediabetes

Unlike diabetes, prediabetes is a reversible condition with the administration of proper medication and life style modification. Thus prediabetes can be prevented with right diet and exercise.

Healthy Choices Of Food
: The selection of right type of food is extremely important at this stage. One should restrict to food with low fat and low calories, and on the other side, fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of antioxidant should be the preferred choice.

  • Life-style modification : The person with less physical activity and sedentary life are at the risk of falling prey to prediabetes. The best way to keep ourselves active is by, walking, using stairs as far as possible, and spending daily 30 mins for some specific exercise like yoga.
  • Maintain ideal body weight : The persons who are overweight may develop more complications in the maintenance of normal blood sugar level, thus it is advised to maintain ideal body weight. To reduce excess of weight they should see a registered dietitian, and by working with your doctor, follow your treatment plan. It can help you to keep your prediabetes from worsening and developing into type 2 diabetes.


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by Priya Date Added: Thu 02 September, 2010
i am 30 rd year old. I m diabetic. without medicine My fasting reading is 120-160 and PP is comes 100-200.

by vinod Date Added: Sat 07 November, 2009
i am 34, during a routine blood test post breakfast my blood sugar was 245. i weigh 90 kg. now i am on a very controlled diet. my doctor suggested to get a blood test done after 5 days. am i a diabetic. i have a family history of diabetes

by liza Date Added: Fri 02 October, 2009
hi, am 22 i checked my random sugar.it showed 159%.Do i hav diabetes.

by Nutan Date Added: Mon 17 August, 2009
I am 28 yrs old . I was suffering from TB but as soon as i got cured, doctor told me \"you are a diabetic\". Is there any permanent treatment available right now ?. Guide me also best hospital & doctors name for treatment.

by ishrat Date Added: Thu 04 June, 2009
im suffering from prediabetes,my FBS is 112 and PPBS is 166.what shuold my ideal diet should.im little overweight my weight is 63 and im 34 yrs old.i have six mnth old son whom im breastfeeding.is breast feeding going to be harmful for him.Please let me know on my email id

by neelam jindal Date Added: Thu 14 May, 2009
hello,my husband's age is 45.HE had symtoms of diabetes for few days.before breakfast his sugar is 22o and after breakfast is 398. and when we check it after seven days his sugar is 110.please tell me which type of this diabetes is?

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