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Prediabetes is a stage between normal and diabetes stage. It is an alarming sign for upcoming diabetes or a chance to change your future. Universally, numerous terms are given like, Borderline Diabetes, Chemical Diabetes, Touch of Diabetes etc. The term Prediabetic was given by the US Department of Health And Human Services and ADA on 27th march 2002 with an intention to create awareness and convey seriousness of the condition. Also, they motivated people to opt for appropriate treatment and lifestyle modification. According to the ADA statistics 17 million US citizens are diabetic and 16 millions are prediabetic. ADA defines it as a stage before the development of diabetes, with normal glucose tolerance, but with an increased risk of developing diabetes in near future.

Prediabetes is a condition when your blood sugar level triggers higher than normal, but not so high that we can justify it as type 2 diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 41 million U.S. adults aged 40 to 74 have prediabetes. And the same reports from, The American Academy of Pediatrics show that, one of every 10 males and one of every 25 females have prediabetes aged from 12 to 19 years.

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by madhu Date Added: Fri 15 October, 2010
In a random check, my fasting sugar came to 127, and a few days later my pp readings came to 169. Am I prediabetic? I am 55 years old. Also please tell me if diet and exercise can make my sugar normal or do i have to resort to medicines? I am already on medication for hypertension, it usually comes to 150/90. Kindly reply on: madhus217@gmail.com.

by raji Date Added: Sun 05 September, 2010
my b s level is 200 on a randmcheck. after food control it down to 153 and fasting is 113 . I am diabetic or pre diabetic.

by manidip bandyopadhyay Date Added: Mon 30 August, 2010
Yes all the information are given here are almost perfect. My mom was diagnosed type2 diabetes and she is under treatment for four years or so. But till date she is under control of diabetes by controlling daily foods and by medication. Thanks for your service.

by inder Date Added: Sat 10 July, 2010
I am 52yrs old ,my glucose level on fasting 119 & pp 159 mg/dl . I am also hypertensive my bp is 150/100 mmhg & after taking telmisorten 20mg ,bp is 120/79mmhg. sir am i diabetic or pre-diabetic?

by Sulekha Date Added: Thu 03 June, 2010
hi. this is 1st time i m going through diabetes information. last week my husband went through an office regular check-up. first time he found his sugar (146mg) and B.P.(130/80).
Othe than than this everything was normal. Doctor told, it is borderline. is it really? what it means? please provide me some information about curing and caring. What diet he should take & how much interval should be between 2 meals? how he can control it? please write me on gavalisp@indiatimes.com

Thank You.

by sridevi Date Added: Tue 02 March, 2010
hi sir

iam sridevi. My brother is 30yrs old.Recently With in a days he is injected with diabetics.Recently he got married. this may effect in surviving children.

Thank you sir.


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