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by Jacob Date Added: Fri 12 October, 2007
I am not a doctor. But I will try my best to explain you the difference between the types of diabetes.

Non-insulin dependent diabetes and adult onset diabetes are the other names of type 2 diabetes. These 2 other names are not commonly used anymore.

When your body does not respond to insulin it is type 2 diabetes. If pancreas makes no insulin then it is called type 1 diabetes.

No one can tell you how many years will it take for you to transit from Prediabetes to Diabetes. It all depends upon your physical activity and diet. Even after having Prediabetes many people have returned to their normal blood glucose level. You can treat the Prediabetes by making your body regain its capacity to use insulin normally. When you exercise your body needs blood glucose for energy. This way you can return to normal blood sugar level. Eat good food and exercise and you will save yourself from Prediabetes.

by Jacob Date Added: Fri 12 October, 2007
Yes French, you are right about Prediabetes. I have read that at so many places.

But you need to loose weight only with you are obese or overweight. Losing weight and physical activity can save you from Prediabetes if you have insulin resistance. If you already have Prediabetes then loosing weight and physical activity can save you from getting diabetes. Again losing weight is necessary if you are obese, otherwise you donít have to loose weight.

We are not alone in this. There are more than 54 million in US who have Prediabetes. Diabetes is an epidemic in US.

by John French Date Added: Thu 11 October, 2007
Dear AA,

To explain you this, let me give you my example : -

People with insulin resistance like me, do not use insulin properly. My muscles, my liver and my fat have problem in using insulin. Because of this my pancreas produces more insulin to fulfill the need. Now my pancreas is overloaded. There is a very good chance that after a while my pancreas will not have capacity to do more work then they are suppose to. This will result in excess of glucose build up in my bloodstream. People whose blood sugar level is higher then normal but lower then that of people with diabetes are the people with pre-diabetes.

Prediabetes is becoming very comman in US. About 40% of US adult between 40 and 74 are have prediabetes. Very surprising but ture fact about prediabetes. But donít loose faith dear. Loose your weight and increase your physical activity. This will save you from prediabetes or if you already have Prediabetes these things will save you from getting diabetes. My Doctor says my body is responding better to insulin now.Hopefully I will never have Prediabetes.

I thank you for writing a nice article on Prediabetes. You are doing wonderful job. There is an urgent need to make the public aware of Prediabetes and insulin resistance. These will help in saving millions of lives.

by Alexander Akhmatova Date Added: Thu 11 October, 2007
Prediabetes is a stage before Type 2 diabetes. Can prediabetes lead us to Type 1 diabetes? If I have pre-diabetes, how many years does it take for me to develop diabetes?


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