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History and Statistic

Diabetes is not a newly born disease, it has been with human race from long back but, we came to knew about it in 1552 B.C. Since this period, many of Greek as well French physicians had worked on it and made us aware of the nature of disease, organs responsible for it etc. In 1870s, a French physician had discovered a link between Diabetes and diet intake, and an idea to formulate individual diet plan came into picture.

Diabetic diet was formulated with inclusion of milk, oats and other fiber containing foods in 1900-1915. Function of insulin, its nature, along with its use started from 1920 -1923, discovered by Dr. Banting, Prof. Macleod and Dr .Collip, who were awarded a Noble prize. In the decade of 1940, it has been discovered that different organs like kidney and skin are also affected if diabetes is creeping from a long term. A major turn in this research was in the year 1955, when the oral hypogycemic drugs had been manufactured.

Diabetes was recognized with complete details and its types (Type 1and Type 2 diabetes - that is insulin dependent and non insulin dependent) in the year, 1959. As we know this is one of the old diseases, existing in many individuals and still on rising charts. Hence, scientists are continuously working to relieve us from it, by discovering the relevant drugs and making new researches.

According to W.H.O estimates, by 2025 total 300 million of the worldwide population will be affected by diabetes. For every 21 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes, an estimation given by American Diabetes Association. And, there are 20.8 million diabetics in US at present, which is roughly estimated as 7% of US population, out of this figure about 6.2 millions are unaware of the diabetes existence in there life.

by Abirami Date Added: Mon 22 August, 2011
thanks for your information... it realy helps for my research study

by v.vijayan Date Added: Sun 06 March, 2011
this website has given valuable information about diabetes, but need references of those report.

by Dr. Rajagopala S Date Added: Mon 01 February, 2010
Diabetes was known to Indians even before 1500 BC, texts of Ayurveda named the disease under the heading of 'Prameha' [Madhumeha or Ikshumeha], early detection and proper management can keep the patient healthy without complications, potent antiglycemic agents are not available in Ayurveda; but effective drugs are available to control the sugar level, their added advantage is they offer quality of life. You may add one more column on "Herbs helpful in controlling sugar level"

by yogita shrivastava Date Added: Mon 01 February, 2010
tnks for the information it will be helpful in my thesis...nd i want to say do u know that ........

The term diabetes is derived from Greek word diabaínein, which means dia-, "across, apart,"
and the verb bainein, "to walk, stand." It was coined by Aretaeus of Cappadocia.

In 1552 BC Egyptian physician Hesy-Ra of the 3rd Dynasty makes the first known mention
of diabetes found on the Ebers Papyrus – and lists remedies to combat the ‘passing of too
much urine.

by Deepak Kaher Date Added: Wed 08 July, 2009
My HbA1c level is 6.8, my fasting sugar level is 121 and PP level is 174, Please let me know whether these are normal range.

by maria Date Added: Thu 19 February, 2009
Thanks for the information, it helped out a lot on my report on diabetes.

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