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Diabetic Shoes

Diabetes can have an adverse effect on a person's body. A person's foot is one of the worst affected parts, due to diabetes. The conditions caused by diabetes range from mild infections to ulceration. In some cases, amputation is also inevitable. The reason for these conditions is the nervous damage caused by diabetes and also the problems in circulation caused by it. Thus, if you suffer from diabetes, you will always have to take care of your feet. Diabetic Shoes have been specially designed for this purpose.

Diabetic Shoes

These shoes provide comfort to your ankles, balls of the feet, heel etc. The design of the shoes ensures that there is no friction between the shoe and the foot. Thus, they prevent possible haematoma, blisters, ulceration, calluses and other infections.

The shoes also decrease the amount of pressure exerted on the foot and thus, do not restrict circulation. Providing a good air flow for the foot is also a function performed by such a shoe.

Types of Diabetic Shoes

In general, two types of diabetic shoes are available viz. Custom moulded shoes and depth store shoes. Custom moulded shoes are usually constructed on the basis of the shape and size of your foot and are usually made of leather or a material of a similar quality. They also come along with accessories like wedges that can be inserted into the shoe to provide additional support when required. Shoe closure is provided in the form of Velcro or laces.

In case of depth store shoes, the inner part of the shoe is linear from the toes to the heel. However, these shoes usually have a higher depth (3 to 16 inches) in order to accommodate the mould that fits the person's foot. These too are made of leather and are available in various sizes in most stores.

Tips for Buying a Diabetic Shoe

These days, a number of different diabetic shoes are available for various occasions. You should remember, that the protective effects of the diabetic shoe can only be availed, if you wear the shoe. Indeed, in serious cases, an ulcer may develop within two hours, due to some pressure on the foot.

If you use orthotics, see to it that the shoe can accommodate them. If your foot is prone to deformities, you should change the shoes on a regular basis to prevent any excess friction.

Using diabetic shoes, do make it easier to take care of your feet, however the same does not mean that you can neglect foot care completely.

Diabetic Care

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