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Diabetic Care

Diabetes can be a tough disease to handle. There are many reasons for it, firstly, causes of the disease are not clearly known, it is difficult to prevent. Secondly, once you get the disease, it is not possible to cure the same and you need to take care of your health for entire life. This task can be quite daunting; here are a few tips to help you.

Diabetic Care Tips

If you have diabetes, you need to take some precautions, in your day to day life as well and not only at those times, when you feel sick. Here are some precautions that you can take in your everyday life:

  • You should monitor your blood glucose level regularly. Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor would tell you about the intervals, in which you should take the test.
  • You should take regular doses of medicine or insulin, as have been prescribed.
  • Regular exercise proves to be useful in controlling glucose levels. However, you should avoid few exercises, that are known to cause further complications like cardiovascular diseases, hypoglycemia etc.
  • In case your glucose level drops suddenly during or after exercise, you should consume a fruit juice or some similar drink that provides you with sugar.
  • Weight reduction is a key of success in managing diabetes; hence take all the measures of carb control, what you can.

In case you are suffering from any ailment like flu, cold or any other disease or infection, some extra precautions need to be taken, to avoid further complications by diabetes:

  • Check your blood sugar level more frequently, to ensure that no harm is being caused by diabetes.
  • The illness may force some changes in your diet; consult your doctor/endocrinologist about the changes you need to make in your diabetes medicine accordingly.
  • You should drink lots of water and other clear liquids.
  • Remember not to cut yourself completely from food even if you are not experiencing hunger.
  • Consult the doctor, if you feel abnormal in any manner. For example you may be feeling excessively sleepy, giddy, may have trouble with urination etc.

Even though diabetes is a chronic condition, the same does not mean, that you will have to avoid every activity you enjoy, once you contract it. You can have the same amount of fun, provided, that you take certain precautions. Remember, if you have diabetes, you cannot ignore the precautions, nor do you need to get bogged down completely by them.

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by Kiwanuka Nyansio Date Added: Fri 04 March, 2011
We are in a LDC of Uganda where Diabetes is managed as an acute rather chronic illiness. The government is trying to cope up such that the disease is handle the best way, it has sited one of the districts to carry out a baseline survey and i am one of the people who are on the grass root to whether DM is managed the way it is supposed to be managed. am looking for the ways in which we can empower people to manage this disease themselves and how we can support these people socially, psychologically and financially. Plz we are looking forward to seeing your views on how we can help these people thx.
e mail: nyansiokiwanuka@yahoo.com

by gokul Date Added: Wed 20 October, 2010
diet control,wt reduction wil keeps u healthy for prevention of diabets.

by meenakshi Date Added: Mon 04 October, 2010
my papa is having hyperglycemia please tell me that does the tablet which he takes daily affects his kidney or whether it is harmful to him?please kindly advise me.

by pawan e Date Added: Sat 07 August, 2010
iam a diabetic patiend from last 2 years. age 30yrs. if i married my offsprings also carried diabetis

by w.shirik Date Added: Sat 15 May, 2010

I'm quite worried that i may be suffering from diabetes because i urinate frequently specially at night.but my blood sugar level reads only 92mg/dl(fasting).then i would wake up very thirsty in the morning.then i feel lethargic.please suggest what my problem could be.

by dalia nath Date Added: Sat 08 May, 2010
I am a diabetic patient for the last 9 years but it was always in control with diet and medicines.
I am 60 and at present taking 2 tab. of Euclide M and 2 of PPG o.3mg. Recently my diebetes has gone up to 200 (Fasting) inspite regular exercises, diet and medication.
Please advise me whether i should change my tablets to bring it down

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