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Diabetes and Foot

Foot care is very important when you have diabetes for 10 years or longer. Because of thickening of the walls of the blood vessels your feet would receive less blood. Also because of the changes in the nerves, your feet will have less sensation. You may therefore not have any sensation, when your feet are close to a fire place, hot water bottle is too hot, an injury sustained and if your feet are infected. In diabetes, you need to take very good care of your feet. Ask your doctor to examine your feet regularly or see a podiatrist for regular check ups.

The general guidelines for foot care are

  • Clean your feet daily with a mild soap and warm water, then dry them thoroughly with a soft cotton towel. Take special care for cleaning in between the toes.
  • Wear properly fitting shoes with clean socks. Do not go bare foot outside the house.
  • Examine your feet properly once a week. Use a hand mirror to examine the undersurface and sides.
  • Get your toe nails clipped regularly. If it hurts see a podiatrist.
  • Do not treat the in-growing toe nails yourself nor ask your friends to do so. Take an advice from your doctor and seek treatment from a podiatrist.
  • Do not sit close to heaters or a fire place. If your feet feel cold, wear warm socks or stockings. Do not use a hot water bottle.
  • Clean small cuts and sores with small mild antiseptic (Listerine/Dettol). Apply antiseptic creams and sterile dressings.
  • Consult your doctor or podiatrist immediately about any throbbing pain or discharge from a corn, underneath or sides of a toe nail.

by subasish Date Added: Sun 04 July, 2010
hello sir,my dad is 60 years old and is known diabetic for 10 years,and is under medication from then .recently he got swelling in hand and leg,his sensation also decreased with.doctor adviced MRI and the reports are normal.now i am confused what to do.
whats the etiology behind that and what are the precautions to be taken...
please reply fast.i am in urgent need.
please mail me in subasish_mitu@yahoo.co.in

by amruta Date Added: Tue 29 June, 2010
My father was suffering from diabetes from last 2 years.Suger level suddenly increses or became low at any time even though they are taking proper diet for sugar and isuline every day now because of that he have very much pain in his leg so that he cant even walk.Last week his sugar bacame only 48 and he got unconcious.. not responding at all but after sometime when we took them to hospital he became normal then...is it any case for diabetes patients??because doctor told us that this is very serious and he hav very less days n all that..so i m so scared on his statemet could you please advise whther it is possible or wht doctor says is right??? Please respond me with the precaution and solution for leg pain on my email id Amruta_Kale@syntelinc.com .

by Desmond Shannon Date Added: Sun 09 August, 2009
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago and have been doing ok with it so far. The only thing is that a lot of the treatment that I need to get I am having money problems. Anyone that has any info of help programs would be helpful to me. I can be reached at dshannon3900@yahoo.com Diabetes along with high blood pressure is just a little over the top right now.

by rita smith Date Added: Mon 30 March, 2009
hello, am so troubled as my dad at 63yrs who's had diabetes over 30yrs just had a sore on his foot. i am not living with him but i understand, he doesnt feel anything on his feet, though the feet is sore and when he goes to the hospital, the nurses keep cutting off the surfaces of the sore.

am not trained but with my common sense, i dont think this is right???? can u give any advise on what to do please cos my grandmaa( dats my dad's mum) passed away last september with the same problem and am scared to death my dad is going to pass away too!

any help please will be appreciated, thanks so much

i can be contacted on ritaogsmith@yahoo.com


by diya Date Added: Thu 12 February, 2009
hi m diya my father is suffering from diabetes since last four yeas.now he has a problem with his feet .the skin of feet looks lik burned. my father is living in a small village and can t go to any good hospital .plz suggest any good ointment for him.my email id is diyamehta_07@yahoo.com

by Sara Date Added: Thu 20 November, 2008
Hi Jaspreet,

Please visit to doctor, if he thinks to operate , go with it. Diabetes gangrene do not looks for any age. My grandpa suffer the same.

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