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Type2 Diabetes- A Cause for Concern

The growing number of cases in Type2 diabetes has really turned into a matter of concern. The number of young adults being detected with the disease shows an alarming trend. With obesity problems growing among young children, the future of American health seems to be in jeopardy. Recent studies have shown that the increasing waistlines of children would ultimately lead to them being diabetic at a very early stage in life. The disease would also get with it other complications and can even cut short life.

Studies are being undertaken to understand the actual impact of childhood obesity. Type2 diabetes takes at least about 10 years and sometimes even longer to develop when it is related to obesity issues. Pediatricians have observed that obesity is a major factor for developing type2 diabetes and people who have been obese during their childhood are more prone to be afflicted by the disease as compared to their non-obese counterparts. Type2 diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases because it can affect other parts of the body and cause serious damage. A person with type2 diabetes is also likely to have problems related to the eyes, kidney and even the heart.

Nowadays people in their 20s and 30s are seen to have type2 diabetes unlike the olden days where a diabetic would usually be a person in his/her 50s or even much older. Focus needs to be given on childhood obesity and steps have to be taken with immediate effect to control the same. Hardcore measures need to be implemented so that we can prevent the number of type2 diabetes patients from rising. Sedentary lifestyles and fatty junk foods are the major contributors of childhood obesity.

The country spends a large sum of money annually for the treatment of type2 diabetes and other such illnesses but the emphasis needs to be on prevention. If the focus shifts to preventing such diseases and in the case of type2 diabetes, lowering the instances of childhood obesity cases, then we could see a sharp decline in the number of type2 diabetes cases in the future. Attention needs to be given to the issue with schools and the community as a whole focusing hard on it or else the number of type2 diabetic cases would be on the rise which would lead to a bigger burden on the exchequer and would take its toll on the health care system prevalent in the country.

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