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Diabetes and a Full Life

Diabetes is considered a dreaded disease by many. But a look at some others would make you wonder if that really is the case. These people tend to live their life to the fullest and do not hold themselves back because of the disease. At the outset one must understand that diabetes does not mean the end of life. It just means that life would have to be looked at from a different perspective. You can continue to do all the things that you previously did along with paying a little attention to the disease. The fact that you are a diabetic should not be forgotten or neglected, a little care and caution will go a long way in dealing with the disease head on.

Summer is here and it is vacation time. Whether you plan to go to a far of place or just stay at home and relax either way a little planning would help a diabetic in enjoying the summer just like anyone else. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your vacation.

Diabetes and the Feet- Diabetics are prone to problems with the feet. It is absolutely imperative that you take care of your feet. Avoid venturing outdoors barefoot. The chances of bruises are far greater.

Block out the sun- Your skin needs utmost care in the summer. Apply enough sun screen cream having an SPF of at least 15. When indoors be liberal with the moisturizer which would help prevent drying of the skin.

On the move, always- Whether you are traveling by a car or an airplane ensure to get up at regular intervals and take a stroll. This would make you feel better and also help in good blood circulation.

Water, the essence of life- No matter where you�re sitting, your air-conditioned room or just lazing around in the pool, drinking sufficient water is absolutely essential. You would not even realize it and would find yourself dehydrated. So, beat the summer heat, drink plenty of water.

Avoid the heat- Plan well and you can surely avoid a lot of unnecessary heat. Cook early and cook fast. Stay out of the kitchen before it gets really hot. You can also do away with the cooking to a large extent as the best way to handle the heat is by consuming fresh fruits. Cut down on the cooking bit and eat healthy, fresh fruits as a snack and make it an essential part of your daily intake.

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