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Diabetes Management

To keep your blood glucose in control through out the day you need diet modifications, regular exercise, medicine (tablets/insulin injections).

Insulin injection is not needed immediately after the diagnosis of diabetes is made (unless your doctor feels this is an emergency).

If you are obese you need to reduce your weight through diet control and give up sedentary habits so that your insulin’ works better. Your treatment should be started and supervised by an expert, who should review every 3-6 months to help you keep your blood glucose in control. You should register in a diabetic clinic for regular blood pressure check ups, ECG and advice for care.

Treatment is aimed at maintaining the blood glucose in the normal range and HbA1c less than 7%, by balancing food intake with oral medication or insulin and physical activity year after year, to prevent complications of diabetes.

An emotional stress (a death in family, displeasure at work or at home) may increase and disturb the control of diabetes. You need to discuss the problem with your doctor for suitable adjustment in dosage of medication and stress control exercises.

By keeping a good control of diabetes at all times, you will be able to prevent the complications of diabetes affecting the nerves, eyes, kidneys, heart and blood vessels.  

Diabetes Treatment
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by drug_heals@hotmail.com Date Added: Tue 13 September, 2011
my mom who is 40 yrs is having daibetes.what shud i suggest her to hav a control over it???

by ruby vaz Date Added: Thu 05 August, 2010
my husbnd is having Diabetes and he is 62 today. He had a bypass last year and he is fine. but after walking for 10 minutes he gets pain in the left leg and then he has to wait for 5 minutes and the pain goes and then he can walk again for 10 to 20 minutes and again he has to stop....is there any remedy and pls let me know what causes this and what is the remedy...pls reply on

by saraswathy Date Added: Sun 19 July, 2009
I am a diabetic since last 5 years, controlling and managing it until few months with out any problem, but latest blood glucose shot up to 374 which led to insulin shots 10 in the morning and 6 in the evening for 5 days for further evaluation. The number 10 denotes the graduation in the syringe. The main suspicion leads to Railway tea which is always sugary as there was lot of train journey i involved during the pilgrimage to holy shrines of Himachal pradesh and Jammu. Lack of exercise after May 4th was another cause of suspicion. I have been blaming my Husband for my elevated blood sugar level for petty quarrels, and my doubt is whether peace of mind plays a substantial part in bringing down the sugar level or is that a wishful thinking. However I have commenced morning walk of one hour daily and let me see what does that mean regarding my disease.

by Deviprasad Date Added: Wed 27 May, 2009
Do Pranayam and Yoga daily morning in empty stomach (nearly 60 minutes). Take 1/2 glass of bitter ground juice after the yoga. You will be able to maintain a healthy life even if you are diabetic.

by meenakshi Date Added: Mon 04 May, 2009
I m 33 old woman. Thanks for information. My fasting BS level is 200 and PP BS level is 338. My weight is 75 Kg, I have travelling kind of job profile. What other prevention should be taken kindly inform.

Email : nkk31@rediffmail.com,

by varun jain Date Added: Sun 05 April, 2009
i am a college goer. tell me how an i reduce my sugar levels and side by side reduce my weight. and what can be my refreshment options after college. and i feel very tired afetr a day's work.


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