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by Naresh Date Added: Thu 21 January, 2010
I am diabetic from last 5 yeras,i am taking insulin twise in a day with 30,40 units, my sugar level is allways shows more than 380+,i use to get pain on right side of chest below, is this pain due to diabetic or some other reason,please advice me, my email id : naru_talluri@yahoo.co.in

by Mohit Date Added: Tue 22 December, 2009
Hi, My mother (Age -46 Yrs.) suffering from Diabetis. Her sugar reading is 381. Please advice what should she do and what type of food she should take.My mail ID is mohitofmid@gmail.com

by kishore Date Added: Wed 09 September, 2009
my wife is a diabetic since 2001. her age is 45 and weight is 75+. she is taking glipizide 5mg one and half times a day and glyciphage 0.5g twice a day for last 5 years. now fasting is 160 and pp is 200+. please advice. my email add is kishorekumar.baishya@gmail.com

by glenore marais Date Added: Wed 29 July, 2009
hi my brother in law has diabetes type 1, and he is staying at home with me and my family and his sister is taking care of him. I inject him twice a day; morning at 7.30 am 10 units and evening 6pm 5 units. I am also responsible for cooking for him. his sister feeds him and washes him as he cannot do those things. we have put him on adult kimbies now as he cannot tell us in time when he wants to go. so we are in a situation at home. times are tough and the kimbies are very expensive. my email address is glenorem@ksd.org.za. can you please give me some samples of different diet menus that i can cook for him every day. can you also advise me on how to make him get strong again as its very difficult for him to walk as well. thanks

by Melody Date Added: Sun 26 July, 2009
Please I would like to get more education about the main cause of diabetes. My grand mother died of diabetes and in the last months, my own mother was diagnosed of having diabetes and since then, it is giving me some good concern about my future and futures of other of my brothers and sisters. I would like to know more on genetic causes and more. If is hereditary or not and if hereditary, what should I do to put the situation at bay.

by harpreet kaur Date Added: Sun 24 May, 2009
i m really impreesed by this site thanx 4 giving me full info regardin diabetes....
my mom is a patient of diabetes n im relly want her diet to b controlled n healthy..
thanx again...u all r gng gud...

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