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by ranjan goswami Date Added: Fri 25 December, 2009
i am diabetic since 15 tears and take inslulin earlier. now i walk 45 minutes daily and blood suger is about normal. i am 48 and my weight is 58. i avoid carbohidred & spicy deep fry as possible. but it is sometime difficult to maintain diat at roaming time.

by Biaka Date Added: Tue 08 December, 2009
My blood sugar is fluctuating, sometimes it is normal and sometimes it goes up to 300-393. I've been taking insulin for 1 year, my dietician is so unreliable, please tell me what to eat, when to eat and what not to eat?

by Phoenix Date Added: Fri 20 November, 2009
I loved your post. It is so important to learn as much as possible about Diabetes.

by Robert M Date Added: Thu 05 November, 2009
Thank you Lisa. I think Diet plays an important role in developing Diabetes. I will look for the article u suggested. I wish there were more studies on Diabetes and Diet.

Robert M
Sacramento, CA 94203

by lisa Date Added: Tue 03 November, 2009
Hi Robert M,

I had read a paper publish in \"Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine\". IT says that Latino teenagers can can avoid risk of diabetes by cutting down their sugar. This research was conducted in southern California. The research group was very small, so result derived may not be the accurate.

by Robert M Date Added: Mon 02 November, 2009
Does eating less sugar saves you from diabetes? Or sugar hurts you only after you are diabetic?

How are diabetes and diet related? Can I take a diet in a way that i don't have diebities in future?

Is diabetes a genetic disease? Does right diet can stop us from getting it?

Robert M
Sacramento, CA 94203

by Priya Date Added: Mon 26 October, 2009
Hello Doctor
I am Dibetic patient form 3 years, My age is 33, my blood sugar is very fluctuating. Some times it is normal and when i am very tensed then it bcomes 268-278 , why it is happening? and what should i do to control it?
Please help me

by Sophia Date Added: Mon 19 October, 2009
Hi Doctor,

My grandma was just diagnosed diabetes. She is 77 years old and has high blood pressure.
She's obese but still eats a lot nowadays. According to her word, she always feel hungry if eat less than usual.

I'm so worried about her health. Any suggestion on how to help her diet? Exercise seems a bit difficult because she feels dizzy even when stand up from the chair or talking to others longer than 30min...

Thanks in advance for your advise. Please send any reply to my email: Dr.zhou@gmail.com

by Pradeep menon Date Added: Tue 13 October, 2009
I've been detected with diabetes with a fasting sugar count of 280 & a random count of 380. I've been administered a drug named "Gluconorm G" by my physician. What is the diet that would suit me?

by kapila Date Added: Sat 10 October, 2009
i am a diabetic and thyriod patient from last five years kindly suggest good diet and heathy one my email id is kuberkapila5@Gmail .com

by Surendra Singh Date Added: Thu 08 October, 2009
My brother is a diabetic obese too. The postprandial blood sugar shows 165.

Please recommend few exercises,complete diet plan for him.
please respond at my email address poornata@idea.adityabirla.com

by simal Date Added: Thu 08 October, 2009
hi anonimus,

you better see your endocrinologist. He may end up by starting insulin for short time and then medicines. Its good for you to say no to sweets or start imagine yourself with insulin vial and injection for rest of your life.

by anonimus Date Added: Thu 08 October, 2009
From last month or so i have found my sugar level is increase, a month before during routine check up, i found random sugar 160+ in afternoon & same day evening 190+, after 5 days fasting was 145 & 215 after food, during this i have controlled & diet along with daily 2 miles walking after that also, after 20 days it found 240 + post postprandial, during same period, i avoid sweet too. plz guide me my mail id is mail2onkar@rediffmail.com

by sahil Date Added: Thu 01 October, 2009
I am a diabetic patient my fasting is 100-130 sometimes it goes much higher or too low
My sugar level is still not controlled. I feel ashame to tell my disease to anyone .I canot take part in any of the games as my sugar levell decreases.I participated in youga for 1 month, but nothing happened .Itook eyery remedy to correct my sugar but nothing happened

by Jimmy Hudson Date Added: Fri 11 September, 2009
Very good information.

I live in a small town called Soperton in GA. We don't have huge library here. The closest library is in Mt Vernon on 215 S Railroad Ave. which is more than 10 miles away from where I live. Your website is very information and I love reading it. You have provided very good information on Diabetes in very simple language. I am a diabetic from last 9 years.I Love you Diabetes information hub. God Bless You. God Bless America.


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