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Diabetes Prevention

Prevention is proven to be one of the most effective and powerful methods to fight diabetes. More than 50% of diabetes is caused due to inappropriate lifestyle. Regulating lifestyle can prove to be advantageous in downfall of probability of contracting diabetes in one’s life. Loss of weight not only helps in fitness but also in control of blood sugar levels. Losing 10% of initial body weight and regular exercise can immensely reduce the risk of diabetes. Physical activities play a key role in reducing the body weight and on the other also the extra blood sugar is broken down. It also helps to uphold the blood sugar in the normal range. You are more liable to diabetes if you are overweight (may also lead to obesity), are having genetic or hierarchal means of predisposition along with proper physical activity.

Food choices: Foodstuffs containing low glycemic carbohydrates, proteins or fats can initially help to lose body weight and maintain dancing blood sugar level. Prefer healthy foods which are low in fats and calories such as lean fish, lean chicken, turkey and fruits and vegetables. Go slow on fast and fried foodstuffs for prevention of diabetes. Avoid processed carbohydrates as much as possible. Try to increase high-protein food in your diet. And reduce eating refined flour i.e. white flour, bleached flour, treated flour and other kind of white flour.

The Fundamentals to prevent diabetes: Diabetes can be prevented by good production of the insulin and keeping the body fat percent low. Insulin and fats helps to maintain body weight and control sugar level. Consumption of meals to a small fraction instead of heavy food also helps to control diabetes. Also avoid eating carbohydrates few hours before you go to sleep. Taking in high-protein breakfast and 5 or 6 small meals a day also helps you to maintain the body weight. This will also help to control excess consumption of fats and carbohydrates.

Diabetes Control
Diabetes Prevention

by aditya kulkarni Date Added: Wed 08 September, 2010
my grandpa is facing from diabetics retinopathy
docters are advincing a surjery so to take a second chance please advice me alternate therapy as my grandpa doesnot want a surjery.
if possible also tel me the advantages and disadvantages of the laser therapy so if no other therapy is available i can convice him. he is facing frm proliferative retinopathy

thx in advance


by Maya Date Added: Tue 22 June, 2010

Im Maya, Im 26 years (Unmarried), from past 3 months i was conformed as diabetic - type-2, Im 3rd generation diabetic person in my family. Im on insulin from 3 months, daily 30 points using novo flex 3 pen.

I am on reqular check and diet, even Im putting on weight alot. I have a doubt that how many chances are there to get my children diabetic.

Kindly clear my doubt.

by diabetes me Date Added: Thu 04 June, 2009
Hi Ishrat,
Just mean to help you. See, during lactation women generally fall scarcity of water and your chances are more because you might be facing symptom of frequent urination. Drink water around 3 liters/day. Please take care of your iron and folic acid consumption as your baby needs iron and folic acid for the development of his brain. Good sources for iron and folic acid are avocado, egg, milk, lean chicken, fish, ragi, asparagus, cabbage, wheat (corn, chick peas, orange in limited quantity). Consume food high in vitamin B6 and B9 if you are taking birth control pill in addition to iron and folic acid. Consume all leaf vegetables, bitter guard, ridge guard, capsicum, lotus stem, broccoli, mushroom, beans, egg plant (brinjal). You can eat grains like brown rice, chick pea, kidney beans, moong beans, lentil(masoor) and chapatti made from bajra, barley, ragi, wheat—2/3 proportion, (chana dal, flax seed, peanut, oat bran--1/3 proportion). Also you can try your own combination of above mentioned foods.
Take 6-8 small meals instead of large 3-4 meals. Go for soup of tomato, vegetables, chicken, and lentil.
Work out 30 minutes a day. Your body wills secret insulin with exercise, so workout daily.
Avoid consumption of fatty food, high body fat resist the insulin production and your case will go more complicated.
If you are only on oral pills to control your blood sugar inform your doctor that you are lactating. The chemical may enter into the milk stream and affect your baby. Follow diet and exercise and can take insulin dose, but avoid pills. Read Diabetes nutrition of this website it helps you, if you believe in herbs.

by Md. Zafar Alam Date Added: Thu 14 May, 2009
I m diabetic patient as well as BP from around ten years.my blood sugar has become uncontrolled this time i m taking isnuline injection from three month for controll blood sugar.I want to wave out insulin injection.
plz suggest me for become healthy with tablet form.

Md. Zafar Alam

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