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Whether your treatment consists of diet alone, diet and tablets or diet and insulin, you need regular blood tests to keep a check on your blood sugar. Urine sugar test is not a reliable indicator of diabetes control.

When blood glucose remains higher than 200mg/dl for 8-10 weeks, the concentration of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) arises. A (HbA1c) measurement therefore reflects the blood glucose control over a preceding 2-3 months period, while the estimates of blood glucose indicate the glucose value at the time of blood test. HbA1c values between 6-7% indicate very good control on diabetes. You should aim at keeping your blood glucose in the normal range i.e. between 90-130 mg/dl while fasting and less than 180 mg/dl after meals and HbA1c around 7%. Frequent tests for blood glucose are necessary when starting treatment with insulin.

If you are doing capillary blood glucose test using a hand held glucometer, do not squeeze the finger to bring out a sample after you have picked. This invariably gives a low glucose value. Ask your diabetes nurse for a demonstration of capillary blood glucose test.

Urine test for sugar is not reliable indicator of diabetes control. Although spillage of sugar in urine occurs when the blood glucose exceeds 180 mg/dl in the majority of healthy persons, this is not always so in a patient with diabetes. Most patients with diabetes of many years acquire an increase in the renal threshold for glucose (capacity to prevent spillage of glucose into urine). Hence urine test for glucose is not helpful for assessing control of diabetes. In the presence of urinary infections, the bacteria eats up the sugar present in urine, thereby making urine test for sugar unreliable.

Diabetes Prevention

by Ramesh Sundaram Date Added: Mon 07 March, 2011
I am 43 years Old. Recently checked my sugal level in medical shop in Gluco meter- it was 270 and this week I checked it is 390 and I was alarmed and I went to laboroatory for Blood random chek. without fasting. 353. I have thirst often, Night i go for bathrom once or twice. Even day time, i go for every 2 hours( also I consume more water).

Please let me know what stage I am and whether I am type I or type II diabetes. From yesterday I am going through details about Diabetes.

Please suggest , what I should I do next what are Diet I should follow.

Please suggest and guide me suitably.

by asad saad Date Added: Thu 03 March, 2011
i m 51 years.effected with diabetes since 1986. now i m facing much problems like heart, in feet, can not work long time. please advise from today i m on insulin.

by piyush kumar Date Added: Thu 16 December, 2010
sir,my mother having a blood glucose -fasting 224 and blood glucose -PP 347,which is very high.plz plz give me the way to prevent from it.also some times my mother suffers from the menstrual cycle severe pain vomitting is also there plz help me god....

by Ish Kumar Date Added: Wed 15 December, 2010

I m 59 yrs old. I had gone for a medical Checkup and detected 181 Sugar in Fasting. After 3 days i again repeated the test both fasting and PP and the sugar level was 82 fasting and 213 PP. Also i got my HB A1C test which showed 11.20. Kindly suggest me a way to get out from this.

Awaiting for your reply and a suggestion to get rid from this..

with regards,


by biraj Date Added: Sat 06 November, 2010
sir plz send me advice my age 32years my problem is thyrod and diabetes type2 what shall i life mantain.
mail birajraj_rani@yahoo.com

by PRIYASEKHAR Date Added: Mon 01 November, 2010


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