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by rambabu Date Added: Sat 13 December, 2008
Dear sir,

My mother age 49 years ,to day check the blood sugar level i.e is 230 mg/dl after meals .how to control this level ,and what type of foods is taken.

by Vipul Patel Date Added: Thu 11 December, 2008

My father aged 48 was detected with blood sugar 240 after taking breakfast. He is been precribed by doctor to take semidol(not sure with the name) 3 times a day 5 minutes before taking food.

I need information on how to control this sugar level. what are the food items which are not strictly to be taken and which will help in reducing this level.

Any symptoms which can indicate id sugar level is increased in spite to taking medicine.

Please share the information what ever you have, as it will help me, you can mail me at vipul_d_hirani@yahoo.com or vipul.d.hirani@gmail.com

Vipul Patel

by ASHOK Date Added: Wed 10 December, 2008
My mother has diabetes from the last one and half years and she takes medicines daily, recently(4-5 months) she has been switch to insulin twice a day. In spite of this her sugar levels are 360, now she fell so weak, she is at the age of 50, kindly suggest me what can i do to recover her from the situation.

by kamat Date Added: Sat 15 November, 2008
My husband has Diabetes (type 2) since the age of 34. Our son is now 27 yrs old. And daughter 23. Is there any precaution or way to detect the earliest onslaught of diabetes?


by SHWETA Date Added: Fri 07 November, 2008
Hi, my husband diabetic, he is 32. He is regular in medicine but the blood sugar is fluctuating. After his dose his sugar is high i.e 356. He never drink and smoke. please tell me how i control his diabetes
thank u
email : shweta.chavan@patelindia.co.in

by R Singh Date Added: Thu 09 October, 2008
I am diabetic since last 5 years. My blood suger remains between 200-250 all the time. I chew tabacco and drink whiskey regularly. Please let me know whether tabacco adn whisky add to the problem, I also take diabetes medice and use insuline at times. Thanks

by m dasgupta Date Added: Sat 20 September, 2008
I am 56 years old, my fasting blood glucose is 248 mg/dl detected two days back. I have started losing weight for last seven/eight months. My blood glucose was normal three years back when I last tested. I am astonished as I am regularly doing physical exercise,Yoga and pranayama and leading a disciplined life. Kindly advice whether exercise with controlled food can reduce blood glucose once goes high. I have started taking medicine but do not like to continue for long time.


by KUMAR Date Added: Thu 07 August, 2008
kind tell me whether diabetes can be controlled through yoga and exercise without any medication. My blood sugar is 298mg/dl. and i am 90 kg(198 Lb). My doctor advised me that if you reduce your weight my diabetes will be in control. Last week only i came to know that i have diabetic. kindly help me

my mail id is smsatheeshkumar@hotmail.com

by raghav Date Added: Mon 16 June, 2008
could you please tell that can diabetes be controlled without medicine?
please reply as soon as possible at raghav20032000@yahoo.co.in

by Jagadeesh,knl Date Added: Fri 01 February, 2008
Great Thanks for providing the information for diabetes. this information helped me a lot.


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