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by selvan Date Added: Fri 27 November, 2009
hello sir,
I am 29 yr old. on june 2009 i have undergone for general medical check up and sugar level was 98-125. Last week i tested only post sugar test using accu check machine after taking the fruit juice. it was 191. Do i need to go for real sugar check up. pls reply my mail id is tamizh.selvan@in.abb.com

by Anitha Date Added: Thu 05 November, 2009
Hi Sir,
My husband is 28yrs and he has got diabetes- 220. wht do you suggest. He is into depression now and we has just got married. He is nt able to tell me anything. Please suggest me some good tips for diet, medicines and Please let me knw how to control it. I dont want him to suffer like this in this young age.
His parents both have diabetes. but Please let me know how do I control his lifestyle.
Hoping for a Reply.

Anitha Ravi

by xyz Date Added: Thu 08 October, 2009
Hi Geepeem,

The first thing to do is see your physician or endocrinologist. Two years back may bee you were in borderline diabetes or prediabetes . But it may have developed now. You need to get all your test done. This is to make sure if diabetes had not affected your kidney and other vital organs. If your physical feels to start you with medicine or insulin, go with his prescription.

The biggest mistake you committed is to give up your diet and exercise. Whether or not you had been asked by your physician or diabetes educator, you have to workout daily in accordance with your weight and age. Diet is the most important part which a diabetic should never neglect.

Hope this help.

by geepeem Date Added: Thu 08 October, 2009

2 years back, that is June. 2007 on making a blood test, I was sealed as sugar patient type-1. Then I took medicins and periodical blood test. In february 2008 my hbA1c reached 7% and the fasting blood sugar was 109mg% ppblood sugar 150mg%. Then I stopped taking madicines. I used go walking for an hour. Then the blood tests shows the following results
120-180 - this was in march, 2009
Then i have not gone for blood testing. But today's result is 160-215. Kindly let me what
should i do further. So far I thought of no medicine is needed. Should i continue with medicine or can control with walking and diet.

by rashida Date Added: Wed 30 September, 2009
hii sir.
i have a problem of geting cold mostly everyday.i intake aurvedic medicines such as septilin bt early morning i sneeze alot.m 22year old married.wat should i eat and hw to stop ma cold forever.ma id is saifuddin_mh@yahoo.com.plz help

by chandra Date Added: Tue 18 August, 2009
D sir,
I want to say that ny suger level is at fasting is 240 first time. Am i diabetic? what precaution should i take to keep satuation under control?
Kindly responce me at Prakash9015@yahoo.co.in.

by shankar Date Added: Wed 05 August, 2009
I am 26 yrs old , I am married and have a daughter of 11 Months for the past 2-3 weeks have experienced some boils near my private parts. I took treatment, but multiple boils appeared. hence my doctor suggested me to go for a medical test.. the test report as 190 / 350 ..

Hence pls advice the diets i should prefer and what are the steps to the taken to bring under control..
Also will my daughter will also be suffering from Diabetics and my future child will also have ??
Once under control , can i opt for aurvedic or Homopatheic medicine

My e-mail id is shanky219@gmail.com

Hope you will reply

by SUBHASH MISHRA Date Added: Wed 22 July, 2009


by pankaj verma Date Added: Thu 25 June, 2009
Dear sir, may age is 33, last week dignosis my sugar level 280/324. it is first dignosis,please tell me waht is precution for health and diet chat ,exercise and extra precution .my mail id:pan906@yahoo.com

by rajesh Date Added: Wed 27 May, 2009
i am taking a treatement of diabetes as per doctor consulant
but my legs are paining daily
what is medicine or treatement for pain relief

by melanie Date Added: Sat 25 April, 2009
your should eat a low glycemic diet (food which have low sugar) for it will slow down your digestion and increase your feeling of being full. Furthermore, it will also help you keep your BG stable. Here are some example of low glycemic index food:
apple, pears,power bar,chocolate milk,fruit yogurt, low fat chickpeas, lima beans, split peas, apricots, green beans, lentils, kidney beans, barley, grapefruit, bran muffin, white/brown rice, spaghetti with no sauce, all-bran cereal and the list goes on.
You can also eat soluble fiber which will also help you maintain you cholesterol level.. Another thing to remember is to avoid alcohol for this decreases you glucose production by the liver an as a result cause hypoglycemia.

by akon Date Added: Sun 29 March, 2009
I need information on how can we treat DIABETES......and which fruits or diet are must for diabetic patients......!!!!
please share any information......what about you know.....!!!!for diabetics.........

by babu mandal Date Added: Wed 25 March, 2009
actuallly my mother has PP value around 360-380mg/dl..aged around 35. plzz tell how to control it as sooon as possible???????my e-mail id bob14397@gmail.com.

by Rajeshwari Date Added: Fri 16 January, 2009
Do You Need It ???????????

Every 30 seconds a foot is lost to diabetes somewhere in the world. Up to 70% of all leg amputations happen to people with diabetes. Foot problems are the most common cause of admission to hospital for people with diabetes.

Most amputations begin with a foot ulcer.
One in every six people with diabetes will have a foot ulcer during their lifetime.

In most cases diabetes foot ulcers and amputations can be prevented. It is estimated that almost 49-85 per cent of amputations can be avoided.

In India, 40,000 legs are amputated per year, most of them as a result of an infection in the foot of someone with diabetes.

A significant reduction in diabetic foot amputations can be achieved by well-organized diabetic foot care teams, good diabetes control and well-informed self care.

Almost 50% of people with Type 2 diabetes are not aware that they have the condition.

The impact of diabetic foot disease on people’s lives is devastating. However, many ulcers can be prevented with wearing proper footwear.

A specialist in foot care should be consulted for any problems.
It is imperative that we reduce the unnecessary suffering that foot complications can bring. It is imperative that we act now!

by kathani soni Date Added: Mon 12 January, 2009
Dear sir,
I am kathani soni aged 15yrs m having juvaline diabetes.Yesterday we went out and I forgot to take insulin.So today my fasting came to 260 mg/dl. So can you guide what should I do when such things happen?can you plz tell me what food should I take?My e mail id is
Thank You.


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