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Diabetes Complications

Once we have crossed the reversible stage of prediabetes and enter diabetes stage, certain changes start developing in our body. These changes occur due to high blood sugar level with instability in the hormones as well as blood vessels and nerves. When these changes become permanent in the body it develops into serious Diabetes Complications and body indicates these changes by steady symptoms.

Symptoms of the Diabetes Complications

  • Diabetic retinopathy shows symptoms of pain in the eyes and may even result in loss of vision.
  • Renal (kidney) disease shows symptoms of swelling (edema) in the feet and legs. It then passes over total body and as the disease progresses, blood pressure also increases.
  • Tingling, burning, numbness, tightness, shooting or stabbing pain in the hands, feet or other parts of your body, especially at night. Digestive problems also occur if, the nerves controlling internal organs get damaged (autonomic neuropathy).
  • You may have scanty or profuse sweating, difficulty of sensing when your bladder is full, when there is a low blood sugar, increased sexual problems, weakness, dizziness, and fainting.
  • Chest pain (angina) or shortness of breath dizziness or light headache, shoulder or stomach pain, fast heartbeat. You might not show any symptoms until having a heart attack or stroke.

When alarming symptoms given by the body are ignored and the same status is maintained, it starts damaging body organs, such as heart, kidney, eye, feet, and skin. The physiology for each and every affected organ is explained one by one.

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by thyagu Date Added: Tue 26 October, 2010
ITS damn sure that the weight loss will be more when sugar is affected seriously.. so start taking medicines and doctors advise to keep it in control.exercise and diet in the food and taking energetic food is must for all sugar patients.

by ajay kumar Date Added: Wed 17 March, 2010
hi, i m 22 year old , i m having diabetes from past 3 year, i m taking medicine but from past 2 month i m feeling sudden decrease in health , i m too felling back pain mostly during sleep.kindly provide some suggestion.

by Dimple Balwani Date Added: Wed 04 November, 2009
my husband is having diabetes ...One month before only we came to know about it. .he was reducing his weight continuously so one of our relative suggest us to check on diabetes so we did n his blood sugar level was 360.he was having infection also but its fine now but still he is losing his weight ,He is taking proper medication as per suggested by our doctor.His weight was around 90 now its this is possible in diabetes to loss these much weight?please help me with this...
Thank you

by Dr. Prasad Pandkar Date Added: Thu 27 August, 2009
As Ayurveda thinks body as awhole Ayurvedic medicines help in these complications greatly. Dr. Prasad Pandkar . e mail:

by a.k.srivastava Date Added: Tue 04 August, 2009
I am diabetic, I could not get sugar level examined for past two to three months,but feel that is in moderately controlled limits.For past ten days I feel burning sensation in surface
areas of my fingers & sole of my foot.Plz. suggest reasons,precautions & medicines for same. THANKS

by Atul Date Added: Sat 19 April, 2008
Do Pranayama and Yoga along wiht the medicince you are having. 100% - just believe it first.

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