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by neeraj Date Added: Tue 19 August, 2008
We dont have any children. my wife and me have hypothyoride. Recently she diagnosed tuberculosis in uterus and doctor said the reson of not coceiving is the tuberculosis. she is on medicene. Mean while after consulting the lady doctor my wife dicided to undergo a rhinoplasty. when we consulted the plastic surgeon he advised test for sugar and amazingly her blood sugar level was diagnosed at 400 mg /li. Three months back at the time of leproscopy surgery it was at 72 mg /li. Is it the side effect of medicene for TB - AKT-3

by Wheatgrass Therapist. Date Added: Fri 15 August, 2008
People get scared when they hear the word - Diabetes. Don\'t be. Its not the end of the world. Diabetes CAN be cured with natural treatment without Medicines. One could get his/her blood sugar level down to Normal in about 2-months time.

by karthik Date Added: Thu 10 July, 2008
My mother is 55 years old and she is diabetic.Recently she started loosing her teeth slowly.Is this related to Diabetes?.please also let me know how it can be controlled.If you have any idea please share with me.
my MailID is karthik429@rediffmail.com

by Neeru Date Added: Tue 01 July, 2008
My husband is deabetic, he takes his medicin regularly. He also take karela juice very day. His suger level is also under control, but he takes 3-4 drinks every day and smokes also. He takes his dinner very late. How can we control his drinking and smoking habit and how bad are they for his health.

by Swarna Date Added: Fri 23 May, 2008

My father is suffering from diabetics for the past 10 years. he is taking medicine and insulin regularly. But he is not able to control the diabetic level. He is taking strict diet. He is very week and not healthy coz of diet. He has pain in his Hand and leg. He has undergone acupunture and physiotherapy for it but still not found the cure. Anybody has any idea whether Siddha has any treatment to control the diabetic. Any other way pls advice me at p_swarnalatha@hotmail.com


by Ashok Kumar Date Added: Thu 13 March, 2008
I am 44yrs old and diabetic (type 1) since last 9 yrs.During first 2-3 yrs I was having good control over it but as the time passed ,now my diabetes ranges from 140-150 for fasting and between 170-180 for last 2 yrs even after taking tablets. If any one has a suggesstion for controlling it please write me at my e-mail ie. ashok7720@yahoomail.com.

by ravindra Date Added: Mon 03 March, 2008
Hi, I am suffering from diabetes for the last 5 years. I am ok now but I feel very bad that I have this disease. God, defiantly will show the way

by KESAVARAJ.R Date Added: Thu 14 February, 2008
I am a 27 year old Diabetic patient.I have it from Last 3 years.In this last 3 years i knew that the fruits,vegetables,walking were help me to control the glucose level.Especially fruit 'AMLA'
help me lot.It gives more strength to teeth,easy digestion,good defense from cough,fever,
and control glucose level lot.so all who are affected by diabetic can eat AMLA and make your diabetic control.

by Anil Sharma Date Added: Tue 05 February, 2008
I am 43 year old , I was declread diabetic, if some one know how to control diabetes by excersise / yoga, plz write me,my mail id is :



by nishikant bhore Date Added: Wed 16 January, 2008
My Wife is suffering from Diabetes from last 10 years, diabetes is detected during her first pregnaancy. she is working with central excise dept.we are having two kids,she takes insulin regularly,after taking regular insuline also her sugar level is more than 225. she doesnt have any problem with eyes or foots, she enjoys working,cooking,travelling, continously she is busy in the work. she is slightly Overweight ,but always active while working.

But frequently she gets angry for a smaller causes.she is short-Temperred, she doesnt listen or accept to the things if we asked to do like regular walking,physical exercises,ayurvedic medicine etc.

i want advice from your side Whether i should consult to Psychatric for her.she always take the things negatively.

Please advice E-mail-- nishikant.bhore@morarjee.com

by Mr. P.J.LAKHAPATE Date Added: Fri 04 January, 2008
As per Indian Ayurveda Diabetes can be cured with certain Yogasanas and herbal treatment.

If anybody knows it pls share the same information.

Pls give your comments.


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