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by manish Date Added: Thu 10 December, 2009
iam 26 and i am taking insulin thrice a day can my diabetes cure completely

by seetha Date Added: Wed 09 December, 2009
Hi this is seetha. My husband is diabetic for the past three years and he is taking medicines but the sugar level is always high, u please suggest a diabetic diet for him my mail id is ramya84suresh78@yahoo.com

by saraswathi Date Added: Wed 25 November, 2009
i am 28 yrs old.last 2 yrs i am affect by diabetes,i am having haromone problem(thyroid),now i am going to get marrige,if any problem will come,i need ur suggestion.i didnt tell my woodbe

by RAVINDRA NAIK Date Added: Sat 14 November, 2009
I forgot to mention my age which is 71 years . rnnaik@gmmail.com

by DIYA Date Added: Fri 06 November, 2009
My aunty is having three times more than normal diabetes, can u plz suggest me a proper diet plan from day start to day end...As due to diabetes, she is on bed, she is not able to walk, infact not able to get up from bed.
I know it will not be cured fully but if it can be low down to normal , i hope for a soon revert from your end..my email id is :::

Will wait for your revert.

by Cloey Date Added: Thu 05 November, 2009
my name is Cloey Liuzza and im 17 i was first diagnose with diabetes 5 days before my 16th birthday.And i have struglled with it ever since i have type 2 diabetes and its a liveing HELL!!!! If it werent for the sapport of my close friends Stephana and Jessica i would probley be died right now.Onces people learn that im a diabetic than they really flip out and dont really wanna be friends with me.My goal in life is to one day find a cure and live along happy healty life.I dont want people to feel sorry for me or treat me any differnet im just like any other 17 year old girl.I love to hang out with my friends and tex on my cell phone and go to the movies.Im no differnet than anyone else the only thing different about me is that i have to wath what I eat and what i do but other than that im just like any other teenager trieng to fit in with everyone but standing out in the crowed and Liveing my life to the very fullest and injoying it to the fullest.I want to try to live to be 100 and see the world.Thank you for takeing the time out to read this and hears hopeing that one day they will find a cure for all the diabetic's in the world and that the world will see that we are no differnt than any one else and that all we really want is to be like every one else.thank you for reading this I hope that I can inspire other Diabetecs to live life to the fullest and injoy life to the fullest I know I will.

by shirish chauhan Date Added: Mon 02 November, 2009
hy just reacently i discovered i too have diabetes,my reports show i have 270/-
i am kind of worried,dont know what to do and what will happen.its a sudden stop in life
before life was soo good
plz advice

by Solomon Date Added: Tue 27 October, 2009
My name is solomon am 18yrs and i was learn thant diabetes do not affect children how come i was affected doing the age of 15

by jagdish gadhvi Date Added: Thu 01 October, 2009
my mother has just recently detected diabetes with 260. and she is worried as she never been admitted to hospital before this. suggest me some diet and how to control to normal range i.e 90-140. and how can a normal person should check their diabetes. my email id is : jagdish.gadhvi@gmail.com

thank you,

by Rajendra Rawat Date Added: Wed 30 September, 2009
Sir, after urinating, there are lots of ants in the toilet...is this the symptom of diabetes. if yes, then, which test should i go for and also plz suggest me some exercises to control it

by rajesh quadros Date Added: Wed 16 September, 2009
I am 37 and my diabetes is 240 before fast and after post postprandial is 420. I take insulin twice a day, pls suggest me a good diet as i am a foodie, my weight is also 217 lbs. Tell me what diet should be avoided and what is the best exercise. Please help.My email is rq1972@yahoo.com

by David B. Gaieski Date Added: Mon 14 September, 2009
A question: Can Honey be used by diabetics in place of sugar? Since it is already processed by bees, can it be safe as a sugar substitute?

by Prem Singh Date Added: Mon 14 September, 2009
I am Prem, i am feeling thirsty very much, from last one month my water consumption have been increased more than 4 times, at the same time I am loosing my weight.
I also have to urinate 8 to 10 times a day normally. If there some thing wrong with me, Suggest me properly at rulooking4prem@indiatimes.com

by Kinjal J. shah Date Added: Sun 13 September, 2009
my mother has diabetes.she normally keeps in range of 158 in fasting and 190 after meal.she takes a medicine name GLIMMY M1 FORTE and GLIMMY M1 after dinner.she regularly exercise and does yoga and walking for two hours.pl suffest me on my mail id kiimi999@yahoo.co.in

by neena Date Added: Mon 07 September, 2009
My mother is diabetes patent.she is 55.her sugar level is 110(f) and 127(PP) she takes insulin injection twicea day. pls tell a proper diet chart and some exercises for her. My mail ID is neenanain@yahoo.com


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