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by Anil Ghanwat Date Added: Tue 15 June, 2010
The basic research on diabetes cause is incorrect. Hence the treartment for diabetes may be or may not be correct. The diabetes is temporary disorder in metabollic functions, The great reference books on pathology describes that the insulin comes out from langerham islet when there is presence of glucose, then why it is not coming at the moment when there is abundent glucose in diabetic conditions? This situation is marked as unsolved question mark in many of reference books. This is clue for higher research in diabetic control and cure. The WHO has guideline wherein it explains that consecutive three GTT indicates cure of diabetes.
In diabetic conditions lack of glucose conversion into energy and extended UDF absorbs very low or minor essential nutrients for body maintaince. This causes lipid / fat development and due to lack of nutrients the body organs becomes weak. This is the reason for cardiovascular dysfunctions or heart attacks. These can be prohibited.
In the light of modern sciences traditional herbal researchers have cured diabetic persons. A combination of allopathic modern medicines and herbal remedies can surely cure diabetes. It is fact and many have got benefits of this. All of us have to fight diabetes until it is eradicated from this world. The differences of opinion between allopathic and alternative medicines if dissolved on the border of chemicals and phytochemicals a new era in diabetes can be started very shortly. The vested profit making minds of physicians and pharmacy company owners should make some compromise and see the miracles of curing not only diabetes but n number of diseases.

by Pradeep kumar Date Added: Thu 10 June, 2010
My name is Pradeep , 30 years old.In the last week i undergone a master checkup its result shows that my sugar leval is too high blood sugar fasting is 315 and pp is 429.How can i reduce it.
Give me the precautions which i take to reduce this.specially about food.
My mail id is sarapradeep@gmail.com

by Twarit Date Added: Tue 08 June, 2010
Medical science is so advanced that it still does not have cure for diabetes, cancer, blood pressure ! WOW great job by egoistic doctors

by rajesh Date Added: Tue 27 April, 2010
I am suffering from diabaties from past 10 years very irregular in taking medicine recently checked my sugar level its 350 fasting snd 450 pp my nerves have started damaging feellig very low pls suggest and advice also regular intake of alcohol

emailid : rajesh.prabhakar.com

by Prashant Date Added: Thu 15 April, 2010
Hi, this is Prashant.
last one month back i came to know i have diabetes, i am not worried about this because now a days the diabites is common. only thing is i got this in very small age (23), now i started to take Insulin twice in a day and tablet thrice in a day. now i am doing regularly walking joging, yoga, food diet ect. apart from this what can i do to keep sugar level in control or cure. thanks

by swapna Date Added: Thu 25 March, 2010
my dad is having diabetes and sugar level is high these days.his chlolestrol level has increased nd also his kidney & lever are getting effectd. he intakes drugs for diabetes but now doctor says for injections which he doesnt wnt.wht shud we do so tht he gets well soon. wht diet shud he follow. pls help me

by rajkumar Date Added: Mon 08 March, 2010
I am 36 year old , last week I have done my lipid profile test and sugar level first time . my fasting sugar is 227 and pp 383, i am very much worried, please tell me how can i control my sugar.

by siddharth Date Added: Wed 03 March, 2010
hi my self siddharth
my mother age is 50 and she is first time detected with diabetes in the month of march this month
her glucose count was upto 259-300 first when she was admitted in the hospital
after some treatment it reduces to 156.so please suggest me some precousons
or some supplement or some diet to reduce the sugar.
navi mumbai
my email id; sjs@sid.com

by jesline Date Added: Tue 02 March, 2010
I am 38 yrs old yrs woman weighing 85 kg detected diabetes last week.Blood sugar level report of fasting 321 and PP 572.Though I itake glyciphage 850 as priscribed by the doctor.I need suggetion about medicine & diet. plz contact me at jesline_cruz@yahoo.co.in

by nimesh Date Added: Mon 01 February, 2010
you can start with nutrilite protein powder along with multivitamin supplementation , fiber rich food or nutrilite fiber which delays absorption of sugar in blood also delays fat absorption.

by Sanjeeb Kalita,Guwahati.Assam Date Added: Wed 20 January, 2010
Doctor adviced my mother ,who is 56 now,to take insulin(Human monotard) twice a day.She has been suffering with the diseasese for the last 8 years and due to cataract her left eye was operated and now the right ones turn has come. She has high blood pressure.Please suggest how to keep her ok.

by Ray Date Added: Mon 11 January, 2010
What is blood pleasure in your chart ? is blood pressure meant to read blood pressure ?

by umesh Date Added: Tue 05 January, 2010
I am 44 yrs old. I became to know that I am diabetec in last week on 30th Dec. 2009.blood sugar level report of fasting 240 and PP 388. I need suggetion about medicine & diet. plz contact me at umesh.ovhal@rediffmail.com

by Anand Date Added: Sat 02 January, 2010
I have been detected with diabetes for the last one year
My sugar level as in the month of Dec 2009 is
fasting 149 and pp 194
what are the measure to be taken for bringing it to the control level
At present I m taking ayurvedic medicine


by Deepak Motwani Date Added: Sat 12 December, 2009

The information provided is useful - but I'm little confused as I've been recently diagnosed with diabetes. my blood sugar with FBS was 149 & after break fast it was 193. so my Dr. told that i'm having diabetes. so kindly guide me what I can do to control my blood sugar level & what is the best diet plan - which can help me in controlling & maintaining the healthier life style.

Your reply will be awaited on dmotwani1@gmail.com.

With regards,
Deepak Motwani


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